Breadworks - Bangalore, India:

During Maurice's 4 years of working with this artisan bakery chain, he has much influenced the quality and direction that it has taken. Most of the training, and almost all of the products are based on his personal repertoire of recipes and his wild yeast culture.

La Baguette De Mexicali - Mexicali, Mexico

Maurice was contacted by Gabriel Cabañas, the owner of La Baguette De Mexicali, a well established French bakery in the border town of Mexicali, in the Baja Peninsula area of Mexico. His brief was to improve the recipes and techniques of his already experienced bakers.
Recommendation by Gabriel Cabañas

The Donut Factory - Malta:

Maurice trained the owner and his Maltese staff to create over 20 types of artisan doughnuts and muffins. The doughnuts are "brioche like" in quality and made using preferments and retardation, with all of the glazes and fillings being home made with no buckets of commercial products in sight.

Maria's Bakery - Port of Spain, Trinidad:

After being contacted at his overseas office in Dominica in the Caribbean, Maurice went as bread consultant to Trinidad and Tobago to help and train a local business lady set up the 1st artisan bakery in Port of Spain , the capital. The main local bread in Trinidad is a soft roll called Hops, so Maurice reinvented the wheel and produced an artisan version of this product to great acclaim. They are now selling hundreds a day for a higher price in the face of steep local competition. They are also making many of Maurice's artisan breads made with his home made culture, which he took with him on his trip.
Trinidad Gallery

Knots Pretzels - London, UK:

With a view to starting a pretzel chain in London, Maurice was contacted by a French entrepreneur to develop a unique soft pretzel to rival Annie's strangle hold on this sector. Armed with a product developed by Maurice, the pretzels have been test marketed on a market stall in Kingston up Thames over the past year, and such was the success, that the owner was awarded the "best start up Business of the Year" for his area. Encouraged by all this, a bid was put in for a site on Clapham Junction railway station against a rival bid by Annie's, and he was chosen against the competition. So all is now set for rapid expansion, with product development on-going.

Holey Artisan Bakery - Dhaka, Bangladesh:

Based in the upmarket area of Gulshan, in Dhaka, this is probably Maurice's most acclaimed project to date, receiving rave reviews on Facebook for his upmarket artisan products. After 5 weeks of training, Maurice will return periodically to maintain quality and to introduce new products.

Al Ghalia Patisserie - Manama, Bahrain

This very up-market patisserie employs over 90 highly qualified pastry chefs, of whom many were trained by Lenôtre in Paris. They not only supply the exclusive sector of the local market in Bahrain and their own chain of restaurants and hotels, but also the Saudi Royal family in neighbouring Saudi Arabia. But one aspect that they lacked was knowledge of artisan bread making. So Maurice flew out to Bahrain, armed with his homemade bread culture to train the senior staff his breadmaking techniques and recipes.
Bahrain Gallery

US Government Consultancy - Dominica, Caribbean

Maurice was contacted by the US government, in Washington, to act as bakery consultant to them on their overseas aid program to the Eastern Caribbean. This resulted in Maurice spending 6 weeks in the Commonwealth of Dominica working with Sukies bakery, which had applied for US government aid to enable them to upgrade their skills and products. The response from locals to the new products on offer was so great that Maurice and the owner are now in talks to set up a completely new European style bakery / cafe on the island, which will be the only one of its kind in Dominica.
Dominica Gallery

Holiday Market - Canton, Michigan:

Maurice was asked by John Pardington, the owner of the 65,000 square foot upscale "Holiday Market" store to teach his artisan bakers to make the best bread in the world, bar none, in their brick wood fired oven. After converting all of the products to his wild yeast culture and intensive training, the owner feels that Maurice has achieved his goal.
"Maurice, I am now the leader of the breadhouse team at Holiday Market since Bob has moved on to new bread opportunities. Here is the new baguette video posted on I owe it all to your kind words and training!"

Live Food Demo - Bangalore Mall, India

Maurice Chaplais, as bakery consultant for Breadworks in Bangalore, India, was asked to perform a live food show on two consecutive days in the Ascendas Park Square Mall. Maurice prepared and cooked a minestrone soup in front of TV cameras and hundreds of onlookers as a public relations exercise to raise Breadwork's profile in the city.
Bangalore Mall Gallery

Artisan Bread Making Workshop - Bangalore, India

On a recent trip to India as bakery consultant to Breadworks, Maurice was asked to organise and run 2 days of artisan bread workshops. A total of 32 places were offered for the 2 days and 350 applications were received from the foodies in Bangalore.
A massively successful PR exercise for Breadworks, with hundreds of complimentary comments on Facebook after the event.
Bangalore Workshop Gallery

Griffin the Artisan Bakery - Hyderabad, India:

Maurice created the first artisan bakery in this city. As well as helping to design the new 5,000 square foot bakery facility, he helped to procure all of the equipment and ingredients necessary to be able to replicate the handmade artisan products that Griffin is becoming famous for, as well as doing all of the "hands-on" training.

Foodworks - Cheltenham, UK

Maurice is one of the key players in this state of the art culinary school in Cheltenham, where he does workshops and training classes in artisan bread and cake making.
The Foodworks website

Dream Café - Ella, Sri Lanka

On a recent trip to Sri Lanka, Maurice was asked to do some Bakery Training at the highly popular Dream Café restaurant. He trained the Chef to make thin crust pizza which is attracting rave reviews on TripAdvisor, and now accounts for about 30% of their turnover.

Daily Baking Company - Port Washington, WI. USA

Following 8 weeks of intensive artisan bakery training, Maurice has created the first truly artisan bakery in the state of Wisconsin. "The Daily Baking Company" has received a rapturous reception from media and public alike. Maurice performed a turnkey operation, by specifying all of the equipment required, plus all of the necessary ingredients, as well as providing all of his own recipes, and finally the hands on training to get this operation on the road and trading.