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Doughnut Dilemma for Maurice Bakery Consultant

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

A few years ago I spent many months as a Bakery Consultant helping to set up the Donut Factory in Malta. That is me above in the brightly coloured apron!!It wasn't actually a factory but a fairly small artisan bakery specialising in Brioche doughnuts of all shapes and sizes, and multiple fillings and glazes. All the glazes and fillings were home made to my recipes that i had developed over the years. I hate using things out of buckets! The high quality raspberry jam that I wanted to use, was not available locally, so we imported a pallet load from the UK. Anyway, by the time I left, we were making over 1200 doughnuts a day, which is not bad considering they were mostly hand made.

Anyway, thanks to this website, I was contacted by a couple in Vancouver, Canada a couple of days ago, who were looking for an Artisan Bakery Consultant, as they are trying to do brioche doughnuts there. They are going to do fried chicken and brioche doughnuts, and are due to open in the next few days, but cannot get consistent results with their doughnuts, even though the chicken is sorted. So I am attempting to help them remotely with the help of my recipes and methodology.

I must say I am not used to being an Artisan Bakery Consultant by mirrors. I normally go to wherever it is in the world, put on an apron and get covered in flour till the job is done, be it 1 week or 8 weeks. But to fly all the way to Vancouver to help with just one item would be a bit expensive for the customer, though I would love to go, as Canada is one of the few countries I haven't been to and Vancouver in particular is supposed to be amazing.

Next post might be from Cleveland, Ohio, USA which is where I would be now if it wasn't for Covid. An Artisan Bakery with a social enterprise twist. Will explain in next blob

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