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Photo of flour and men hands with flour

Enter the world of sour dough.
Slow, beautiful & precise.

Maurice artisan bread consultant putting bread into banneton
As a bread and bakery consultant, Maurice specialises in sour dough using his unique 20 year old culture, originally made from the wild yeasts found on Indian Alphonso mangoes.
Maurice has over 14K followers on Instagram for his sour dough
reels with one post alone getting over 60,000 likes  
Moulding Pain au Levain
Adding flour to bannetons
Maurice Chaplais artisan bread consultant cutting Pain Au Levain
Maurice Chaplais bakery consulting moulds bread
Maurice Chaplais Maurice Chaplais bread consultant moulds bread
Baguettes rising in a Couche
Maurice Chaplais artisan bakery consulting makes pain au chocolat
Maurice Chaplais sour dough consultant makes donuts
Maurice Chaplais artisan sour dough consultant cuts bread
Maurice Chaplais, sour dough bakery consultant in bakery

For over 30 years Maurice has run his own bakeries in the UK, India, Bangladesh and USA as well as working as an artisan bakery consultant anywhere from Milwaukee to Bangkok and all points in between. Whether it's a turnkey operation advising on equipment, staff recruitment, recipes, and training, or just hands on teaching for novices or professionals alike, Maurice is available now as your artisan sour dough bakery consultant.

Maurice Chaplais artisan sour dough bakery consultant
slow, beautiful & precise



16 Park Street, Fairford, GL7 4JJ, U.K.

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