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Making Artisan Sour Dough

Enter the world of real bread and pastries where wild yeast is king. Slow, beautiful & precise.

Putting Pain Au Levain into Bannetons
As a bread consultant, Maurice specialises in the use of preferments and his unique culture, which is made from the wild yeasts found on Indian Alphonso mangoes. Couple these with a slow, 3 day fermentation process and you have products of unparalleled flavour, texture and finesse, all of which are available through Maurice's bakery and pastry consulting services.
Moulding Pain au Levain
Adding flour to bannetons
Maurice Chaplais Artisan Bread Consultant cutting Pain Au Levain
Maurice Chaplais Bakery Consultant giving Sour Dough a turn
Maurice Chaplais Bakery Consultant Transfering Pain Au Levain from banneton to oven loader
Baguettes rising in a Couche
Maurice Chaplais Bakery Consultant making Pain Au Chocolat
Maurice Chaplais Bakery Consultant rolling Brioche Doughnuts in sugar
Maurice Chaplais Bakery Consultant cuts Pain Au Levain on oven loader
Maurice Chaplais, Bakery Consultant in Bangkok

Maurice Chaplais is an internationally renowned artisan bakery consultant who has taught his art form all across the world.Whether its a turnkey operation where Maurice's bakery consulting services helps with equipment, staff recruitment, recipes, and training, or just a top up where, as an artisan baker consultant he teaches the art of butter croissant, sourdough breads or Key Lime pies. Maurice, as a bakery consultant, can cover it all, either training novices or professionals alike. All is based on his 30 years of experience during which time he has run his own bakeries in both the UK, India and the USA, as well as working as a baking industry consultant, and has created all his own recipes and methods which are slow, precise, and World class.

Maurice Chaplais Bread Consultant
slow, beautiful & precise


16 Park Street, Fairford, GL7 4JJ, U.K.

Rue du Presbytere, St. Bauzille de montmel, 34160, France

Savanne Paille Heights, Dominica, West Indies

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