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As an artisan sour dough bakery consultant, Maurice can either draw from his extensive library of personally developed recipes, based on his 30 years of experience of running his own bakeries in the UK and the US, or can create bespoke formulations to suit local climates and ingredients. As a bakery consultant he can also troubleshoot for clients' own recipes 

  • Breads
  • Artisan French baguettes using a levain and Poolish

  • Pain au levain-white sour dough style bread using no commercial yeast

  • Jewish Challah using wild yeast culture

  • Multigrain using 10 types of grain and wild yeast culture

  • Ciabatta made with Poolish and olive oil

  • 100% rye bread using levain, soaker and scalder

  • Beer bread with oats, Irish Stout and wild yeast culture

  • Apple Bread with apple juice, fresh apple pieces and wild yeast culture

  • Mountain walnut bread with walnut pieces, walnut oil and wild yeast culture

  • Chocolate and sour cherry bread with wild yeast culture

  • Authentic New York style bagels / pretzels using wild yeast culture and 24 hour retarding

  • Pitta bread made with Poolish

  • 100% wholewheat bread using wild yeast culture

  • Panini made with Poolish

  • Scotch Mist rolls

  • Thin crust sour dough pizza 

Maurice Chaplais artisan sour dough consulting with baguettes
"The World’s most fantastic doughnuts" - "The Times" article on Maurice’s doughnuts.
  • Doughnuts which are brioche like in quality using a Poolish and homemade glazes / fillings.
  • Muffins of more than 23 types with unique flavours / combinations eg toffee apple muffin
  • Gâteaux including caribbean rum, mocha caramel, carrot, Dulce de Leche, Cheesecake
  • Brownies including quadruple chocolate, banana fudge, toffee apple, pineapple, ginger 
  • Cinnamon and raisin bread with a delicious caramel cinnamon swirl inside.
  • Ultimate banana bread-Number 1 seller in India
  • Pear and almond tart, pecan pie, creme brule tart, chocolate and caramel tart, Key Lime Pie
  • Soft cookies including triple chocolate, banana, rum and apple, pineapple, ginger etc
  • Biscotti, including almond and orange, ginger and pistachio, cherry and apricot etc
  • Butter croissants / pain au chocolat / Danish pastries
  • American style "Sticky bun"
  • Butter Brioche using wild yeast culture
  • pasteis de nata
  • hokkaido tarts
  • roti buns
Maurice Chaplais sour dough consultant in Dominica
Maurice Chaplais artisan sour dough bread consulting in India
Maurice Chaplais artisan sour dough bread consultant in Malta
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16 Park Street, Fairford, GL7 4JJ, U.K.

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