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Maurice Chaplais Artisan Baker Consultant
When Maurice is not working overseas as an artisan bread consultant, or in his overseas office on the Caribbean island of Dominica, he is running Maison Chaplais his gourmet food store or Chaplais Kitchen, his acclaimed restaurant, both in Cheltenham.
Maurice Chaplais Artisan Bread Consulting making Brioche Doughnuts
Maurice is equally at ease wearing either his Artisan Bakery Consulting hat or his chef's hat, when he might be seen teaching Moules mariniere, spaghetti carbonara, making his own Caribbean Scotch Bonnet chilli sauce, or teaching how to make marmalades and jams. So, if you need help for bakery set up, or how to start a bakery business, or trainer in bakery or bakery cafe/restaurant, then Maurice's bakery consultancy service is for you.
Maurice Chaplais Bakery Consultancy making baguettes in Cleveland USA
Maurice Chaplais Baker Consultancy withselection of Brioche Doughnuts
Maurice Chaplais Bakery Business Consultant making hot cross buns in Cleveland, USA
Maurice Chaplais Bakery Consultant makes croissants
Maurice Chaplais Artisan Bread Consultant at bread workshop, India
Maurice Chaplais Artisan Bakery Consultant at bread workshop India
Maurice Chaplais Artisan Bakery Consultant with the team at Breadworks Bangalore,
Maurice Chaplais How To Start A Bakery Business Consultant takes sour dough bread from oven in Hyderabad, India
slow, beautiful & precise


16 Park Street, Fairford, GL7 4JJ, U.K.

Rue du Presbytere, St. Bauzille de montmel, 34160, France

Savanne Paille Heights, Dominica, West Indies

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