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Artisan Bakery Consultant returns to the kitchen!!

Due to a combination of lack of staff, new staff and staff self isolating, I find myself having to abandon my Bakery Consultant role and return to Chaplais Kitchen, training new staff and replacing staff not there for one reason or another. It's good to get a feel of everything again. making sure that my recipes are being followed and to reconnect with my customers. It is certainly no walk through the park as Chaplais Kitchen is buzzing these days, and if we are not churning out brunch items, then we are doing one of the most popular items on the menu. Moules frites. I am very proud of my recipe, which includes fresh thyme, bay leaves, tarragon, garlic, red onions, flat leaf parsley, white wine and Pernod. People are loving it with the thrice cooked home made fries. Probably our best selling item is our sour dough thin crust pizza, which is made with all fresh ingredients and a dough which takes 3 days to mature. It is based on my own wild yeast culture that is over 15 years old now and is the same one that I use for all our bread making at our other outlet in Cheltenham, called Maison Chaplais.

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