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Grab a recipe

Bakery Consultant, Maurice Chaplais, offers an occasional recipe.

This recipe is for what I call my house white bread and is based on my Barm or yeast culture or "mother" which is 18 years old now, but obviously you can use your own. It is basically a sour dough bread that is mild, chewy and moist and what I regard as an everyday loaf. It makes amazing toast by the way. This is the bread that we sell at my shop Maison Chaplais in Cheltenham.


335g / 12oz white Barm

115g / 4oz wholewheat Barm

385g / 13¾oz water

625g / 1lb 6oz white flour

20g / 4 level tsp salt

Put all ingredients into a bowl and mix to combine. Next knead on table to window.

Bulk total of 3 ¾hours, with 3 turns at 45” intervals, then leave 1 ½ hrs. Mould and prove to bake straight away or retard overnight.

Bake @220c for 25”

Straight after using Barm, feed, and leave at ambient 4 hrs then fridge overnight for use first thing in morning.

=3 loaves @ 495g

My recipes are always minimal and are for the professional, and are ones that I use as an Artisan Bakery Consultant, but if explanation is needed, feel free to contact me for help!

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