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Maurice Bakery Consultant finishes pork project

Really pleased with the results of my playing around with different combinations of cuts of pork to make what I think is a definitive English banger. In the beginning, I had asked my butcher (who supplies my 2 shops with meat)to help me with a recipe for sausages, me promising that I would only use it in Jamaica for my friend there who is a pig farmer. The answer was a definite no, despite the fact that I spend £300 to £400 with them each week. I think that it is very sad that people in this country are not prepared to share knowledge if it doesn't impact their business. I am used to working in the U.S. as a bakery consultant, where it is quite normal in the Artisan Bakery World to share recipes.

Anyway, I didn't let it defeat me, and I just worked at it until I got the result that I wanted. And I believe that my sausages are better than my butchers, which until now I had held as a benchmark when reviewing sausages. But in the process, I did realise that making sausages is not as straight forward as I thought, before I embarked on that project.

I also took my own cured gammon out of its marinade today, having spent 27 days curing in my own developed mix of apple juice, sea salt, mollasses sugar, juniper berries, allspice, bay leaves, cloves, anis seeds, fennel, mace, coriander seeds etc. I then cooked it in a cour- bouillon at 80c for 90 minutes until the core temperature reached 65c, and the result is a very flavoursome and moist ham, that is very different from commercial offerings. Picture below.

So my life as a Bakery Consultant/ Pork Consultant is at an end for now, as I feel confident in sharing these recipes and methods with my friend in Jamaica.

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