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Maurice Bakery Consultant becomes Pork Consultant !!

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

A friend of mine is actually the biggest pig farmer in the Caribbean, and lives in the most idyllic spot in the Blue mountains of Jamaica, where she has her farm. But unfortunately, just selling pork chops does not create enough money. On a recent visit there over Christmas with my daughter, I realised that she needed help to create added value products to increase turnover. So I am working on a range of sausages, and home cured hams, of which the above picture is one of mine!! Cured for 3 weeks in a brine with many fresh herbs, apple juice and Caribbean sugar, and finally roasted with a honey mustard glaze. The sausages are coming along. I am still trying to get the balance right between the different cuts of pig. Shoulder, belly and back fat. I am almost there. But like bread making, once I embarked on this project, I realised there was more to making sausages than meets the eye!! But, since I taught myself to make bread, I see no reason why I can't crack the sausage. That's the beauty of being an Artisan Bakery consultant, you don't have to just do bread. The world is your oyster!

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