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Bakery Consultant-The Caribbean calls.

One of my first jobs as a Bakery Consultant was actually in Grenada, the beautiful Island in the West Indies. I was working for Kent Joseph, who was a senior politician and owner of Excel Plaza where the bakery was to be. The bakery was right next to Grand Anse beach which is one of the most beautiful in the whole Caribbean. I loved working there especially as Kent Joseph was such an interesting man, having been heavily involved in politics here when the USA invaded in 1983.

In 2008 I was employed by the U.S. government as a Bakery Consultant on their overseas aid program to the Eastern Caribbean. They asked me to go to Dominica (not the Dominican Republic)which is an ex British Colony and now independent island situated between the French Islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. I was to help Sukies Bakery, a national institution there, come into the 21 century with new recipes, methods etc. I was contracted to be there for several months, and fell in love with the Island in the process. I actually bought a property there before leaving, which is now my tropical bolt hole when the weather gets too rough in the UK, and subsequently became a Dominican citizen.

In 2011, my love affair with the Caribbean continued when some entrepreneurs in Trinidad and Tobago who were looking for an Artisan Bakery Consultant, contracted me to go to Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad to help set up an Artisan Bakery, later to be called Maria's bakery. I took the opportunity whilst there to check out Trinidad's sister island of Tobago and really enjoyed a couple of visits there. I was also lucky enough to be in Trinidad for the World famous Carnival which goes on for 3 days non stop! Picture of the bakery below.

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