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Maurice Artisan Bakery Consultant turned pork butcher continued!!

My latest version of pork sausages. I have made about 10 different lots trying for perfection! The trick is to get the right proportion of shoulder pork versus belly pork versus back fat. You need anywhere between 25% to 30% fat otherwise the sausages will be dry and tasteless, so get over it. And then you need up to 10% breadcrumbs which are not to cheapen the sausage but to give the correct texture that all us British people love in our bangers even though the French may laugh at us as they hold up their Toulouse sausages. The breadcrumbs also serve another purpose in that they absorb the juices and fats helping to keep the sausage moist. So, anyone looking for a Bread Consultant or Bakery Consultant, I am still there, but I like to do other things as well.

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