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Maurice Virtual Artisan Bakery Consultant

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Since I designed and made this new website myself, I seem to be getting a lot more enquiries from around the world for people looking for a Bread Consultant or Bakery Consultant.

Just had an enquiry for an Artisan Bakery set-up in Bahrain. I was last there in 2008 helping a very upmarket bakery who supply the royal family of both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Money is no object when you work out there. You just have to say you need a Bongard French oven from France and it soon arrives. So many bakeries penny pinch and buy Chinese or Taiwanese equipment which they almost all regret later. In the bakery business, European is still best I am glad to say.

But at the moment everything has to be done by phone or video message, which is not ideal as helping people to bake is a very touchy feely business.

Picture below is me with the team in Bahrain! Al Ghalia Bakery

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